Grants Update

The following grants have been awarded to Support Connection between 1/1/20 – 12/31/20. We are deeply grateful to these organizations for their support of our services and programs.

Bellucci DePaoli Family Foundation: General operating support. $10,000

Carvel Foundation: General operating support. $5,000

Celgene: Educational Support for Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors. $2,500

Eisai: Educational Support Program for Gynecological Cancer Patients and Survivors. $5,000

Enterprise Holdings Foundation: General operating support. $1,000

Field Hall Foundation: Services for seniors with breast and ovarian cancer. $2,500

Genentech: Peer to Peer Counseling for Breast & Ovarian Cancer Patients. $2,500

Greenbaum Fund-NY Community Trust: General operating support. $1,000

HG Realtor Foundation: General operating support. $1,000

Jack DeVito Foundation: General operating support. $3,000

M & T Bank: Annual Support-A-Walk 2020. $2,000

Merck: Educational Support for Breast Cancer Patients. $2,500

Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation: Peer to Peer Program. $15,000

NYS Dept. of Health Cancer Services Program: Breast Cancer Support Services. $17,428

Peckham Family Foundation: Peer to Peer Counseling Program. $2,000

Pfizer: Educational Support for Breast Cancer Patients. $5,000

Pink Aid: Peer-to-Peer Counseling and Navigation. $2,500

SOUL RYEDERS: One on One Counseling Program. $13,000

SOUL RYEDERS: Men’s Programs: Wing Nite and Men’s Night Out-Living with Loss. $2,000

Tiffany’s All at Once Foundation: Payment for Tiffany’s program services. $100

Wal-Mart Community Grants: Annual Support-A-Walks 2020. $1,500

Wells Fargo Bank: Comprehensive Breast and Ovarian Cancer Support Services. $5,000

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