When a person hears the words, “You Have Cancer,” life as he or she knows it is suddenly turned upside down. The shock of the diagnosis, the anxieties that follow, the multitude of decisions to make can rock a person’s world. While a person might have great medical care, there is a tremendous need for emotional support and informational resources from people who have navigated the journey of living with cancer and can sincerely say, “I understand.” Support Connection is one of the few organizations in the country that has professional peer counselors, cancer survivors themselves, on their staff.  Our counselors understand the concerns and fears a cancer diagnosis brings, and they also know how support and guidance make a positive impact. They are the human connection so important for the mind, body and spirit to blend together and create a solid foundation of strength and resilience. We’ve Been There. We Care.

Even as a physician myself, I have never encountered a group as compassionate and supportive as Support Connection. In my hours of greatest need during my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, they were there for me when no one else was, even though the medical facilities I attended all had social workers and support groups. The level of commitment and availability of the women working at Support Connection was amazing. When I was unable to leave my home, they offered me solid advice and emotional support over the phone. They understand the whole picture of the needs of women with female cancers. I am so grateful for their existence. Kindness, compassion, empathy, openness, knowledge – they have it all. – Client Served

When I first called Support Connection, I was 28 weeks pregnant, 38 years old, and just diagnosed with breast cancer. I was beside myself and in a panic. Maria Jennings spoke and listened to me for hours and helped me make a plan. I started attending the support group, but I was the only young person. Support Connection realized that more needed to be done, so they started a young women breast/ovarian/gyn cancer group for me and the other young woman who needed support. Our peer counselors were Andrea and Nancy, and together with the other young women, all diagnosed before age 40, I had a lifeline that I still utilize over 15 years later. Support Connection always has my back and continues to provide programs that always exceed expectations. I would give 10 stars if I could. – Client Served

Support Connection stands out as a leader in the field of breast and ovarian cancer support services. For nearly 25 years, the organization has offered support, help and valuable guidance to people dealing with these diseases. Compassionate, empathetic, and knowledgeable guidance is provided by the counselors who have had cancer. The organization looks to partner with experts who can provide valuable resources to Support Connection’s clients. Support Connection serves as a great role model for other nonprofit organizations. – Professional with expertise in this field

I have seen firsthand the difference this group makes in the lives of people diagnosed with breast cancer. After one call to a counselor, my friend said she felt less fear and more informed. The fact that the services are free and that the counselors are themselves cancer survivors makes this group unique. – Donor

I am ever so grateful for Support Connection. I had lived in Virginia at the time and could not find the support I needed when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I searched the internet and found Support Connection. I talked with one of the counselors. She was extremely supportive and helpful. I called when I was in fear of going through chemo and of the future. Whenever I called, someone was available. When I moved from VA to CA, the counselor said, Liz, “You are living your life and not living in the cancer diagnosis.” I know I could not have made it through without their support and online workshops. – Client Served

A diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer terrified me. My life plans blew up in one brief phone call. The insightful, affirming, and tender support I received from Support Connection’s counselors carried me through the greatest trial of my life. They’re still there for me in every way I need, three years later. – Client Served

My grandmother not only received support to help her through her dealings with breast cancer, but she made a new family. Support Connection became an extension of our family that understood and cared about her. They are still an important part of our family, as they have touched a part of all of our lives at various points throughout the years. They are truly angels among us. – Volunteer

Until you witness the services, counselors, and events firsthand, you cannot appreciate Support Connection fully. They are all amazing!! The Support and comfort they provide women who have been diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer, as well as their families and friends, is heartfelt, knowledgeable, and irreplaceable. All of the funding for these services is self-sourced, and the scope of all of those they help is very wide. Absolutely one of the most amazing organizations I know, and without a doubt the most amazing people I know. – Board Member

Longtime supporter, Clare Piro, shares her story about Support Connection. Clare explains, “this video is about hope and the support that my friend Julie received from Support Connection. Like anyone given an ovarian cancer diagnosis, she felt alone and scared and had no idea where to turn for help. But then, she found Support Connection, a lifeline for women who have breast or ovarian cancer. Julie not only found hope but was able to give support and inspiration to others.”

Ebony-Joy Igbinoba was honored to be a 2022 Support-A-Walk Ambassador. She noted: “Participating in the walk will bring awareness to the services that Support Connection offers to families experiencing cancer. They provide individualized peer support and a wide array of resources to empower cancer patients/survivors battling cancer and their families.” In this video, Ebony-Joy shares more about Support Connection and how it helped her navigate her cancer journey.