There are many resources, locally and nationally, that can be helpful as you make your way through a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. This page provides links to some of these organizations.

Keep in mind these sites contain general information that may or may not apply to your individual situation. And, information changes rapidly in today’s world. Always consult with your own health care team when making medical decisions.

You are welcome to call or email us for help in locating resources that might be beneficial to you. It can be overwhelming to sort through the many choices and sources of information. Our Peer Counselors will listen to your specific concerns and needs, and assist you in finding the resources that are right for you.

For some tips from our Peer Counselors on coping with breast and ovarian cancer, read this article.

Should you have a need for other resources that are not mentioned on this page, please call 914-962-6402 or 800-532-4290 and ask to speak to a Peer Counselor or click here to fill out a Peer Counselor contact form.