Take Time to Socialize: It’s Good For You!

Have you ever wondered why you often feel better when you get together with friends, enjoy a change of scenery or share some laughs? It isn’t an accident and you can almost always rely on it. After a cancer diagnosis and a journey through treatment, regardless of where we are in the process, many of […]

The Smile © By Violet Navarrete

            Do you see me? Do you know who I am? I see you smiling but I don’t know you. If I had taken but a moment to look past your smile: I would know that you are on a journey; which includes a battle with a chronic illness. Is […]

Ten Tips for Healthy Living

By Karen Rigney and Sheila Emery Murphy, Certified Health Coaches Karen Rigney and Sheila Emery Murphy are certified health coaches who have led workshops on healthy cooking, nutrition and wellness for Support Connection. They offer the following simple tips for gradually integrating whole person health practices into your day*:   1. Your First Choice Counts […]

Finding My Balance

By Marlene Stager, MS Support Connection Peer Counselor I know who I was before I was diagnosed. I was a wife, mother of three, athlete, counselor and volunteer… each role came with an easy definition. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Striving to be the most successful cancer patient on the planet while keeping […]