Looking Past the Pink

Although this article was originally published 2 years ago, the issue continue to be relevant now in October 2017, so we decided to share it again. (Originally published by Lohud.com on June 27, 2015) By Barbara Cervoni, Support Connection, Inc. In a few months it will be October. Or, as it’s known among many breast […]

When Your Loved One Has Cancer

A diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer changes the life of the person who’s been diagnosed. But it also affects people who are close to them, such as a spouse, life partner, or any caregiver or loved one. The impact can be profound. At Support Connection, we are here for everyone: The person who’s been […]

Parceling Energy With Cancer

By Jane Biehl PhD  Reprinted with permission from CURE® www.curetoday.com Jane has been a cancer survivor since 2010. In this article, she addresses the question: What do you say when people remark to you that you look great or that there is no way you just had cancer or chemo? (Original publication date April 11, 2017) “You look […]

A Cancer Survivor’s New Year’s Resolution

By Barbara Tako Reprinted with permission from CURE® www.curetoday.com A survivor of breast cancer and melanoma reflects on her simple New Year’s resolutions. (Original publication date: Dec. 30, 2015) I am still here! Five and a half years after breast cancer and a year and a half year after melanoma, I am so grateful to be here. […]