Telling Our Story With Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” “Every picture tells a story.” We’ve all heard these sayings, and we all can relate. After all, in this increasingly visual world where we live, cell phones allow us to carry pictures and stories in our pockets!

That’s why we decided there’s no better way to tell Support Connection’s “story” than through pictures. And the story we want to tell is how many people, in how many places, reach out to us for help.

Support Connection began in 1996 as a grassroots, local organization to meet the needs of Hudson Valley residents dealing with breast and ovarian cancer. And we’re still doing that! Our mission has never changed and never will. The same is true for our commitment to and involvement with the local community.

But as the world has changed and grown, we’ve adapted and grown too. Through our toll-free cancer information and support hotline, our Peer Counselors help people not only locally, but also across the country.

So that’s the story we’re telling here, with pictures. Pictures of people who’ve been helped by our Peer Counselors. People who were happy to send us their photos to use in this visual story. All we had to do is ask.

We received photos from 44 different women, living in towns and cities near and far. They all expressed their gratitude to our Peer Counselors. We think their faces in the video below tell the story perfectly!

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