Tap Into Your Tool Kit

By Caryn McCurry, CLC, New Insights Life and Career Coaching

Caryn, a Certified Life Coach, shares some tips on ways to take care of yourself by making the most of the “tools” you already have inside of you.

Who are you?  What are your unique abilities or gifts and talents? What are the things others really admire about you and say, “I wish I could do that as easily as you do it?” What is it that comes effortlessly to you that others notice? It could be things that are recent or from the past, personal or professional. They don’t require much effort and we tend to feel good about ourselves when using these abilities.

Once you have a sense of these things, your abilities, you have the beginnings of your Tool Kit. These are the resources immediately available to you at a moment’s notice. How nice is that?!  You are right there everywhere you go. So, what are the things you’re really good at that, right now, you could use? Maybe it’s your heartfelt ways or creativity. Possibly it’s your infectious laughter or hunger for knowledge. Or perhaps it’s your flexibility or your amazing cooking.

How do you then use your tool kit to take care of you? Well, let’s shift perspectives. If you had a fabulous friend, just like you, what might you ask them to do for you? How could they, in this moment, extend themselves to you? I invite you to go ahead and dip your hand into your tool kit and see what comes out. How can the resource you just chose help gift you with something you need?

Maybe it’s permission to allow yourself to be uncertain about something right now. Perhaps it’s a lovely mousepad to sit next to your computer where you write your journal. Might you ask to go see a funny movie or watch one at home? Possibly it’s being gentle with yourself in your thoughts and attitudes in the face of adversity. Or is it asking someone to prepare your most favorite dish in your home, so you can enjoy the aromas of food cooking as the fragrance floats through your house?

Be kind to yourself in times of transition. If a very dear and special friend was moving through a difficult time and asked you to do that thing you’re so great at, would you do it? Sometimes the best place to look for what we need is right where we stand – inside ourselves. You are deserving of all the amazing things you have to offer.

So, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, allow yourself to go home to you. Let your abilities be the tools you use in the face of crisis and negativity. Let the fulfillment that comes from using your gifts and talents strengthen you in the face of challenge and adversity. As you hold up your hand and give fear the big “no thank you,” choose something else. Allow yourself to remember, you’ve got you!

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