2022 Year-End Grants Update

The following grants were awarded to Support Connection in 2022. Many lives have been touched and made better thanks to this generosity. We are deeply grateful to these organizations for their support of our services and programs.

Bellucci DePaoli Foundation: General Operating Support. $10,000

Danbury Mission Technologies Helping Hands Fund: General Operating Support. $1,800

Eisai: Educational and Support Program for Gynecological Cancer Patients and Survivors. $5,000

Enterprise Holdings Foundation: Program Support. $1,000

Field Hall Foundation: Counseling and Support for Seniors Impacted by Breast, Ovarian, or Gynecological Cancer. $15,000

Genentech: Peer to Peer Counseling and Support for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Patients and Survivors. $2,500

Glaxo Smith Kline Not On My Watch: Counseling and Support Program for Ovarian Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers. $3,000

Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.: One-on-One Peer Counseling. $2,500

Hudson Gateway Realtor Foundation: One-on-One Peer Counseling. $1,500

Jack DeVito Foundation: General Operating Support. $3,500

M&T Bank: Annual Support-A-Walk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer. $2,000

MBIA Foundation: General Operating Support. $2,000

Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation: Peer to Peer Program for Breast Cancer Survivors. $15,000

NYS DOH Cancer Services Program: Breast Cancer Support Services. $5,724

Peckham Family Foundation: Peer to Peer Counseling Program. $2,000

Pfizer: Educational Support for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors. $7,500

Pink Aid: Peer to Peer Counseling and Navigation for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors. $4,000

SOUL RYEDERS: One on One Peer Counseling Program. $11,000

Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation: Comprehensive Care Program for People with Breast, Ovarian, or Gynecological Cancer. $5,000

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