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Christina Rae is a busy mother of three active kids, ages 7, 14 and 17, a wife of almost 20 years, and President of the PR & Marketing firm, Buzz Creators, Inc.

In July 2021, Christina was on top of the world, relaxed and refreshed after a wonderful two-week family vacation in Florida. However, during a routine mammogram just two days later, she heard the horrific words, “you have cancer” and immediately felt like she was trapped inside a violent tornado. A flood of emotions swirled around her, as she wondered, “Am I going to make it? Am I going to be there for my kids?” Amidst the concern and shock, she also recalls thinking “I don’t even have time for this” as she moved her work and life schedule to accommodate 10 doctor appointments in the first two weeks.

Christina reached out to Support Connection to help her navigate all she was going through. “I first met the Support Connection team through my PR work. We had done some October breast cancer fundraisers together with some of my clients,” Christina shared. “It was surreal actually seeking their assistance now, after all those years of fundraising with them to help other women and their loved ones. A true full circle moment.”

Christina was quick to point out that no one truly understands a battle with cancer unless they have experienced it themselves. She notes: “The fact that Support Connection’s Peer Counselors have all ‘been there themselves’ is so important and it helps you see there is happiness on the other side. They give you hope and help you understand that you will get there too. They explained that everything I was feeling was normal and told me that every time I completed a part of the journey, whether it be surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, to celebrate that chapter ending.”

Christina’s message to all is to not delay or ignore your medical screenings. When diagnosed last year, Christina did not feel sick at all. “I would have never known that I had a ticking time bomb in me. This shows the critical importance of mammograms, ultrasounds and annual screenings. The earlier any cancer is found, the better the outcome. I myself was a year late due to COVID and I am very grateful that despite that, my cancer was still found at an early stage one. I am so fortunate that I did not delay it any longer.”

“No one should fight cancer alone and I am so appreciative that an organization like Support Connection exists. It truly helped me, and it helps so many other people, get through one of the darkest and toughest times of their life,” concluded Christina.

Christina is thrilled to now be post-treatment, cancer-free and thriving once again!

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