Webinar: The Rules for Grief and Loss – There Aren’t Any

Losing someone you love is painful and overwhelming. There is no right nor wrong way to grieve. In this webinar, Emily Laitmon, LCSW will share her expertise as a therapist and grief counselor who works with individuals and families on navigating life after loss.

This webinar addresses the following topics pertaining to grief and loss:

  • Themes of loss and grief
  • Exploring coping strategies
  • We are all unique: Everyone deals with grief in their own way
  • Life after loss: Giving yourself permission to move forward
  • Honoring our loved ones, maintaining the connection
  • Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Family and grief
  • How COVID has impacted rituals (burials, funerals, wakes, shiva)
  • Question and answer period

Guest Speaker

Emily Laitmon, LCSW is a grief counselor at the Bereavement Center of Westchester. Emily works with families dealing with the loss of a child, sibling, spouse or parent, and is a group facilitator. She is also a psychotherapist in private practice, with offices in Westchester and NYC. Her practice includes bereavement/grief counseling; couple counseling; therapy with adults and adolescents; and family systems. In 2008, along with parents from her support group, she wrote a book: Our Children, Our Hearts: Journeys of Child Loss.

Recorded on March 1, 2022

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