Webinar: Nutrition for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer – Feb. 12, 2019

Speaker: Lauren Talbert, RD, CSO, LDN: Lauren is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed by the State of Rl, a Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition, & an oncology rehab STAR certified clinician. She holds a BS in dietetics & nutritional science, and completed her dietetic internship at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Currently she works for Sodexo as a Registered Dietitian for the Program in Women’s Oncology at Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island. Lauren presents to a wide array of audiences including medical professionals, oncology patients and family member, and the community. She offers individualized counseling based on each patient’s lifestyle, food preferences and nutrition goals.

Program description:

The goal of this program is to help you overcome confusion about nutrition and learn ways to gain more control.

Topics include:

  • So many sources of info, how to decide what to follow?
  • Recommendations from the American Institute for Cancer Research.
  • Foods that fight cancer: What foods and how to eat more of them.
  • Organic eating: Dirty dozen vs. clean fifteen.
  • Eating well even when you don’t feel well.
  • Perfecting the plant-based diet, including plant-based alternatives for typical “comfort foods.”
  • Overcoming roadblocks to healthy eating. Examples: Fatigue during and after treatment; Lack of time due to busy schedules.
  • Trying something new, such as experimenting with produce.
  • Question and answer period.

Audio and slides from Support Connection’s Webinar “Nutrition for Women with Breast of Ovarian Cancer.” – Recorded on Feb. 12, 2019

Download a written transcript.

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