Webinar: Nutrition for Breast and Ovarian Cancer – November 14, 2017

Speaker: Mary Beth Augustine, RDN, CDN, FAND. Mary Beth Augustine is the Integrative Dietitian Nutritionist at the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, and Founder and Director of Nutritional Healthcare offering medical nutrition therapy services and wellness services for adults and children.

Mary Beth’s past work experience includes: Senior Integrative Nutritionist and Director of the Integrative Nutrition Internship at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Center for Health & Healing; Director of the Master’s Degree Program in Integrative and Functional Nutrition at Saybrook University; Clinical Dietitian and Integrative Medicine Nutritionist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Cardiovascular risk reduction research at the American Health Foundation.

Mary Beth has spoken at numerous conferences and venues, including: the United Nations Committee on Aging; American Institute for Cancer Research Cancer Survivor Conference; Integrative Healthcare Symposium, Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo; the New York, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meetings. Mary Beth has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox 5 News, Today in New York, CNN Market Watch, Discovery Health TV, and National Public Radio.

A twenty-plus year survivor of cancer, Mary Beth is dedicated to sharing her personal and professional passion to educate people about the interconnected health of people, food and land.

Program description:
Studies show that diet plays a role in cancer initiation, promotion, progression, recurrence, and survival. This national webinar/teleconference focuses on the benefits of Japanese, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Hunter-Gatherer Diets.

Topics include:

  • How dietary variety, eating seasonally, eating more like our hunter-gatherer ancestors, and calorie restriction and intermittent fasting may help in the fight against cancer.
  • How nutrients in food play a role in cancer cell multiplication, tumor growth, hormone levels, and cancer cell death.
  • The relationship between cancer and the human ‘microbiome’- the 100 trillion bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other tiny microbes that live in our bodies.

Audio and slides from Support Connection’s Webinar “Nutrition for Breast and Ovarian Cancer” – Recorded on Nov. 14, 2017

Download a written transcript.

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