Walking Near and Far For This Year’s Support-A-Walk


The theme of this year’s Support-A-Walk is “Walk With Us, Wherever You Are.” This means we invite everyone to walk where you are, near or far, to participate and raise funds. We serve people nationwide, and we welcome people nationwide to walk with us.

The Support-A-Walk is critically important to us, because the funds raised help sustain our free, year-round breast and ovarian cancer support services. As we all know, cancer does not stop for a pandemic.

No matter where you live, you can make a difference by donating and raising funds for the Walk!

Some of our supporters have already told us where they plan to walk, and why they’re walking. They’re all raising funds too. Here are their stories:

Wendy and her team: VA, NY, and CT

Wendy and her husband will walk this year In Chesapeake, VA. They walk every year in honor and memory of Wendy’s dear friend Julie who died of ovarian cancer. In past years, they have walked in NY with family and friends. This year, other members of Team Julie will also walk in their own communities. Wendy says:

The rest of my team is still in NY, so they will be walking separately in different areas of NY, both Westchester and Putnam. My son has graduated from college and now lives in CT, so I’ve asked him to do a walk in CT. I am so grateful for everything Support Connection does.

Linda and her team: Hopewell Junction, NY

Linda will walk this year in Hopewell Junction, NY with family and friends. Last year they walked together, wearing t-shirts and carrying signs to honor Linda who was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2019. Linda also walks in gratitude to her cousin Larissa who died of metastatic breast cancer when she was only 30 years old. Linda says:

It was because of Larissa that I promised myself that I would never skip another mammogram/sonogram. I am lucky. My life was saved because of my cousin. There is an indescribable fear that comes with being a “cancer patient.” Every time blood is drawn, every time I have to see my oncologist, breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, get scanned, worry about upcoming MRI’s……. ALL of these things take a huge toll. But I’m so FORTUNATE to be a survivor! I am walking with my family and friends to help raise money for people who are suffering as well. Any amount helps! I’m SO incredibly thankful for the support I received thus far, now it’s my turn to try to pay it forward!

Carrie and her team: Four different towns in NY, and VA.

Carrie created her team “Friends of Caroline” when she was in high school, in honor of her mom who was coping with breast cancer at the time. After Carrie’s mom died in 2007, the team continued to walk every year in her memory. This year, Carrie will walk in Hopewell Junction, NY with her husband, daughter, brother and brother-in-law. Her close friends who have been with the team since the start will walk in Yorktown Heights, NY. Her mother- and father-in-law will walk in Yonkers NY. Four of her cousins will walk in Carmel, NY. And her aunt will walk in Virginia. Carrie says:

Our team has been walking for many years: first in honor of my mom Caroline Puppo, and then in memory of this brave woman who fought the “beast” for 12 years!!! She was, and still is, my hero. We walk to continue to honor others who are battling this horrible disease, and to continue on her memory. This year the walk looks a little bit different, but its just as important as it has always been!!!

Diane and her team: NY, CT and FL

Diane is a longtime Support Connection volunteer and supporter who has participated in the Support-A-Walk for many years with family and friends. This year, Diane will be walking in her neighborhood in Yorktown, NY. Her daughters will walk in their own towns in Connecticut and New Jersey, and her sister will walk in Florida. Diane says:

I walk because Support Connection has made a difference in so many people’s lives. It truly is an extraordinary organization. We’re all so happy to help!

Salli: Croton, NY

Salli has walked for years in memory of her friend Mary who died of breast cancer. This year, Salli will walk along the Hudson River in Croton, NY. She sent us a photo of the t-shirt for her team and the names of all people in her life she pays tribute to. Salli says:

2020 has been a challenge in so many ways for all of us. It is especially challenging for not-for-profit agencies who continue to do the good work they do to help those in need. Support Connection has continued to help breast and ovarian cancer patients and their families, and they continue to need our help. I am walking again this year to help raise money for Support Connection and to bring more awareness that we have not won the battle against cancer. My list of those that I am celebrating and honoring continues to grow instead of shrink. Every little step we each take helps.

Samantha and her team: CA, MA and more

Samantha has been walking for years, in honor of her mother Debra, an ovarian cancer survivor. She also walks in memory of her aunt and her grandmother, who both died of breast cancer. This year Samantha will walk in California. Her mom and dad will walk in Massachusetts, and Samantha expects family and friends in other locations will also be walking. Samantha says:

This year, in addition to my family members who’ve been affected, I also walk for all of those living with cancer while physically, and perhaps emotionally, isolated. I can only imagine what it must feel like to live with and manage these diseases on a good day – I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like in 2020. I’m walking to show all of those people that they’re not alone and that they’ve got support.

Ilene and her team: Yorktown Heights, Cold Spring, Putnam Valley, and Brooklyn, NY

Ilene is a 26 year ovarian cancer survivor who has been volunteering for Support Connection for 24 years. Almost every year since the Walk began, Ilene and her family have gathered to walk at the park. This year, Ilene will be walking in her neighborhood in Yorktown Heights. Her daughter’s family will walk in Cold Spring; her son’s family will walk in Brooklyn; a friend will walk in Putnam Valley. Ilene says:

I look forward to the Support-A-Walk every year. It’s a way that I’m able to help raise funds for Support Connection, as well as pay tribute to friends & relatives who have faced a diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer. This year my team will be walking in our own neighborhoods, helping to raise awareness & show support for an amazing organization.

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Questions? We’ll be happy to help! walk@supportconnection.org, 914-962-6402.

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