The Beauty and Luxury of Book Club

In this article, Peer Counselor Andrea Karl, who co-facilitates our Book Club, shares what our Book Club means to her and the other women who participate. She’s discovered it’s a perfect excuse to indulge in a beloved pastime while enjoying conversation, companionship and escape. I am a reader. Always have been, always will be. Since […]

Family Gives Personal Account of Help Given by Support Connection

(Published by the Northern Westchester Examiner) By Rick Pezzullo, Northern Westchester Examiner. Photos courtesy of the Werner family. A few months before she died in 2012 from breast cancer, Marci Werner expressed her gratitude for the help she and her family received from Support Connection in a fundraising appeal to friends in advance of that […]

The Smile © By Violet Navarrete

            Do you see me? Do you know who I am? I see you smiling but I don’t know you. If I had taken but a moment to look past your smile: I would know that you are on a journey; which includes a battle with a chronic illness. Is […]