Phone + Pajamas = Unbeatable Support

Wonder why we’re talking about pajamas? It’s simple: When you take advantage of one of Support Connection’s telephone support groups, you can get the support and understanding you need without leaving your house… or your pajamas!

Each month, we hold two different support groups via toll-free teleconference. One is for women with advanced stage or metastatic breast cancer. The other is for women with ovarian cancer. As with all our groups they’re led by trained facilitators who are cancer survivors themselves. Our phone groups enable women to connect with others, sometimes miles away, who understand what they’re going through. It’s a powerful gift.

Rosie from Louisiana has participated in one of our phone groups since 2011: “I started looking for support because I felt all alone. I looked around here for a group and no one else had the same kind of cancer. I felt like I didn’t fit in. What I like about the phone group is I can listen to other women who’ve gone through the same things. Maybe they’ve even taken the same medications. I know I’m not alone. Being on the phone is fine, it’s all about being able to listen. It’s like being part of a sisterhood. There’s a bond. Listening to other women who’ve gone through recurrences, women who’ve been survivors for many years… it gives me hope.”

Julie from New York joined one of our phone groups in 2014: “You can’t beat the convenience. Even if you’re not feeling great and don’t feel like going out, you can just pick up the phone. I like that the group is so specific. It gives me access to women across the country, and women just around the corner, who are dealing with the same things I am. The first time I called in, it really blew me away to know I wasn’t the only one diagnosed at Stage III. Some women were diagnosed 10, even 15 years ago; it gives me hope and inspiration I can’t get anyplace else. And, the group leaders are wonderful.”

Veronica from Myrtle Beach joined one of our phone groups in 2013. She had just been diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer: “I remember feeling so confused about the whole experience. I have never been challenged (I do not use the word sick) to this extent and I was beside myself. I thought: ‘What do I do?! Who do I talk to? Will family and friends understand?’ One day I just started googling ovarian support because where I live, there are no groups. That’s how I found Support Connection’s phone group. I was amazed at the open and friendly manner of the ladies on the line, and how warmly they welcomed me. I look forward every month to our conversations and to hearing how they’re doing. I tell everyone that comes into my path if they need support, this is the group to get on board with. You can feel the love and concern from everyone on the line, and the suggestions and ideas are wonderful.”

Would you like to try one of our phone groups, or just learn more? Give us a call: 914-962-6402 or 800-532-4290.

For a schedule of all of our support groups, click here.

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