Pat Bradt: Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Pat BradtIt was September 2009 and I just did not feel right. My husband said “You are not yourself.” My mother said “You look swollen and puffy.” I was having trouble sleeping, had lost my normally robust appetite and had gained 30 pounds seemingly overnight. Thankfully my primary physician listened to me and ordered an ultrasound which showed an ovarian mass.

From that point on, everything moved with lightening speed and I was swooped into surgery followed by three rounds of chemotherapy, the last one finishing in January 2014. The doctor (gynecological oncologist) tells me that my stage III ovarian cancer will always require periodic chemo and he is amazed at how well my body responds to treatment. Each round of chemo seems more difficult both emotionally and physically.

In the beginning I was numb, then I cried seemingly non stop. I was 63 years old, very afraid of becoming bitter and angry, and knew I needed help. I spoke with the social worker at the infusion center who put me in touch with Support Connection. I called initially for information but was amazed at the level of expertise, the kindness, guidance and understanding that I received. I  participate regularly in the monthly support group and the informational seminars, and periodically e-mail one of the counselors.

I now realize that my cancer is a “forever journey” and I am so grateful that the counselors are there to walk it with me. I wish I had extra money to add to my yearly donation to Support Connections. Their work is of the highest caliber. My deepest thanks to everyone there.