Online Fundraising: Beating the Summertime Blues


Tips for Online Fundraisers

Asking for donations during the summer can be challenging. You may find friends and family are away on vacation enjoying a break from work and school.

Here are 3 activities you can do now to take advantage of the summertime lull:

39f52e04-cfdc-4fbb-80bb-ea375510a967Personalize your fundraising page

Add a personal photo if you haven’t already. Everyone loves seeing people they recognize!

Write a personal message. Explain why you’re raising money for Support Connection. For a great example, click here to see Samantha’s fundraising page.

Draft a reminder email

Reminders are important! We all put things off and need a “nudge” now and then.

Draft an email now to remind friends and family about your fundraising.

Send your reminder right after Labor Day when everyone is back and ready to move into action.

Need ideas on what to say? Check out our sample email.

Adjust your fundraising goal

Are you close to your original goal, or have you reached it? Awesome! That means people are eager to support you.

Consider increasing your goal. Revise the message on your page and in your emails. You can say something like this:

Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my original goal of $2,000! Since there’s still time and there are folks I haven’t heard from yet, I’ve raised my goal to $2,500. I know with your help I’ll get there!

Reach out to your supporters and encourage them to help you meet your new goal by sharing your page with others they know.

Frequently Asked Questions

I started a fundraising page but now I can’t find it.

Search for your fundraising page here.

I don’t know what a “URL” is.

The URL is the address at the top of your fundraising page and looks like this: Include this URL in your emails. When the recipient clicks on it, your page will open up for them.

I’d like to learn more about the Support-A-Walk

Click here for our Support-A-Walk Overview

I still have some questions.

Check out our Donate and Fundraise FAQ’s. Or, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!, 914-962-6402.

For all of our Support-A-Walk fundraising blog posts, click here.