Grants Update

The following grants have been awarded to Support  Connection since January 1, 2018. We are deeply grateful to these organizations for their support of our services and programs.

Hitachi Metals America Community Action Committee: $3,267. Toll-Free Cancer Information and Support Services

Hudson Gateway Realtor Foundation: $2,500. 2018 Spring Benefit

Jack DeVito Foundation: $3,000. General operating support

M & T Charitable Foundation: $1,300. 2018 Spring Benefit

Merck: $2,500. Breast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Education

Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation: $15,000. Peer to Peer Program for People Affected by Breast Cancer

Novartis Oncology: $2,500. Breast and Ovarian Cancer Education and Support Newsletter

NYS Department of Health: $11,216. Breast Cancer Support Services for NYS residents

Pfizer: $3,000. Educational Support for Breast Cancer Patients

Pink Aid: $7,000. Peer-to-Peer Counseling and Navigation for CT residents

Soul Ryeders: $2,000. 2018 Men’s Programs (Wing Nite and Living with Loss)

Soul Ryeders: $13,000. One-on-One Counseling for People Affected by Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund-Directors Philanthropy Fund: $1,700. Peer-to-Peer Counseling Program

UPS Foundation Charitable Sponsorships: $2,000. Peer to Peer Counseling Program

Wal-Mart Community Grant Program: $1,000. 2018 Support-A-Walk

Wells Fargo Advisors: $1,000. 2018 Celebrate Life Day

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